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What is Tap for Sleep Apnea?

Find out how your New Haven dentist can help you tap into a better night’s sleep.

More and more people are taking control of their personal health. Unfortunately, many of us are still not getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep ApneaSleep is a vital component to good health and wellbeing, and those with sleep apnea may find themselves fighting one restless night of sleep after another only to feel exhausted throughout the day. Luckily, sleep apnea sufferers can change all this by seeing their New Haven dentist Dr. Francesco P. Maratta for treatment.

What is the Tap System?

TAP is the only FDA-approved oral appliance that can improve symptoms of those with mild to moderate forms of obstructive sleep apnea. These appliances consist of two clear dental trays that are attached to each other by a hook. These trays help keep the jaw in the proper position and prevent the tongue and soft tissue from collapsing and constricting the airways while you sleep. Here are the different tray systems available:

myTAP™ can be fitted to your teeth by your New Haven dentist Dr. Maratta in about 15 minutes. This TAP system appliance offers same-day treatment to help reduce your symptoms right away. While this isn’t a custom-fitted tray, it is remoldable and promises the same technology as the other sleep apnea trays.

TAP Custom™ offers patients a way to treat their obstructive sleep apnea with custom-made designs to cater to different needs. TAP Custom also boasts a 90 percent success rate when it comes to treating snoring and other symptoms of sleep apnea. Tap Custom comes in three different designs, which offer different hook sizes for more adjustment options to accommodate more tongue space or better jaw repositioning:

myTAP PAP™ is a great option for patients who traditionally have been using a CPAP machine but might not be wearing it every night as they should. Some people don’t like the discomfort or impressions that are left on the face by the CPAP mask. Whatever your reason for not wearing your CPAP mask, you don’t need excuses anymore. MyTAP PAP combines our custom trays with a CPAP mask. The upper tray helps to hold the mask in place so no headgear is necessary while you sleep. No more marks on your face from the CPAP mask and no more discomfort from wearing bulky equipment.

TAP PAP CS™ is uniquely designed to combat even the most challenging sleep apnea cases. This treatment option combines both the TAP Custom trays with nasal pillow CPAP therapy to keep airways open while holding the jaw properly in place as you sleep.

TAP Sleep Care makes it easy to incorporate into your sleep apnea routine to help reduce snoring and other symptoms. Are you interested in finding out how our TAP system could give you a better night’s rest? Then call your New Haven dentist Dr. Francesco P. Maratta and make your sleep health a top priority.

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