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The Benefits of Dentures

Should I Pick Dentures?

If you need to have your teeth removed, or you already are without teeth, a popular replacement option is dentures. If you try to live yourdentures life without these missing teeth, you may be self-conscious about your smile and you may avoid certain foods that you love. This is why dentures are a perfect choice for your smile. When it comes to dentures, don’t see just anyone. You should see an expert, a prosthodontist like Dr. Francesco Maratta your denture and cosmetic dentistry expert in New Haven, Connecticut.

There are many benefits to choosing dentures. This includes freedom from the pain of damaged teeth, ease and convenience. The right denture can even make you look younger by creating youthful contours in your cheeks.

Some of the modern state-of-the-art denture treatments offered by Dr. Maratta in New Haven include:

Conventional dentures: which are a full set of teeth, either upper, lower or both arches; this type of denture is completed after your soft tissue has healed from tooth extraction and usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Immediate dentures: which are also a full set of teeth; this type of denture is placed immediately after tooth extraction, so you don’t have to go without teeth. After your tissue has healed completely, a more permanent conventional denture will be made for you.

Overdentures: which are placed over existing tooth roots or implants; the benefit of this type of denture is the stability of having a supporting structure underneath. Tooth roots or implants also help to preserve the bone in your jaw, making you look younger.

Partial dentures: typically called removable partials are designed to replace just a few teeth in an arch.

If you are wondering about the benefits of dentures and which denture might be right for you, come in and talk with an expert, Dr. Francesco Maratta in New Haven, Connecticut. Find out how your smile and your life will be enhanced with the right denture. Call today!

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