Situations for Different Types of Dentures

Losing multiple teeth is an unfortunate reality for many of us, but fortunately, our New Haven, CT, office offers a variety of dentures to match a similar variety of situations. We'll cover below some of the more types of dentures, which may help in deciding which type of treatment best fits your lifestyle and condition. But the final decision can only be made by discussing your expectations and by hearing this information directly from your prosthodontist, so contact Dr. Francesco Maratta of New Haven Prosthodontics to learn much more.

Complete Dentures

These are the most common and what most of us associate with traditional dentures. They are typically prescribed for those who have lost multiple teeth, either most of the majority of teeth in either arch. These dentures are removable and often made of acrylic and can restore our ability to chew food and our appearance, and sometimes even improve it.

Partial Dentures

When we've lost a few teeth and don't require a full arch replaced our dentist can turn to partial dentures. These are usually held in place with the help of our healthy teeth. They attach to them with clasps or similar methods, so it's best to consult with the office for an idea about what we can expect.


With options for a full denture or a partial, these dentures are held in place with dental implants. There are many advantages to choosing dental implants, namely that they require fewer implants than the teeth they restore for an unsurpassed bond as far as dentures go. These dentures remain attached all day long and may only need to be taken off by the dentist during routine regular cleanings.

Immediate Dentures

Gums must heal after thee final teeth are removed before we are given our final set of dentures--whether they are removable or implant-supported--and immediate dentures help to fill this gap, which earns them their alternate title of temporary dentures. Immediate dentures are actually made before the last extractions so that they fit correctly and look natural.

Dentures in New Haven, CT

When you're ready to restore your smile you can schedule a consultation with New Haven Prosthodontics and Dr. Maratta to explore your treatment options. If you live in or near the New Haven, CT, area you can dial 203-773-1701 for an appointment.

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