Dental Emergencies that Call for Immediate Care

Dental EmergencyNot sure whether your dental problem requires urgent attention? Find out now!

Experiencing a dental emergency is enough to make even the calmest, most relaxed person nervous. However, the good news is that our New Haven, CT, dentist, Dr. Francesco Maratta, is here to provide you with the immediate care you need when an emergency arises—all you have to do is call our office!

More about Dental Emergencies

Common emergencies include

  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Toothache
  • Broken restoration or braces

Dental emergencies can occur for a variety of reasons, including sports injuries, car accidents, and simply crunching down on a hard piece of food. When these problems arise, it’s important that you turn to our New Haven emergency dentist for immediate care. While minor chips may not necessarily require urgent treatment, visible cracks or fractures will need to be addressed right away.

Furthermore, although you might not realize it, a simple toothache may require immediate treatment. A toothache can mean that you have a cavity or that you have an infected/inflamed dental pulp, which will require root canal therapy. The sooner we are able to treat an infection or decay the better!

If you’ve knocked out your tooth, time is of the essence when it comes to treating it. In this instance, you should immediately stop what you are doing and come to our office. Many times, if treatment is reached within one hour of the incident, our dentist can save your tooth. Before coming into our office, carefully rinse the tooth with warm water, then gently place it back into the socket (don’t force it). If you can’t get the tooth into the socket, instead place it in a container of milk and head right to our office.

If you are dealing with bleeding due to a bitten tongue or cheek, apply a compress to the area. If the bleeding is severe or doesn’t stop after applying pressure for 15 minutes, then you’ll want to seek immediate medical attention, as you may need stitches.

Broken dental restorations or broken braces also need to be removed and replaced as soon as possible to avoid complications. For example, if a dental crown falls off, the tooth will become weaker and more susceptible to damage. To protect the natural tooth structure, we will need to place a new crown on as soon as possible. It’s an easy enough fix but it needs to be done right away!

Call Today!

If in doubt, call our New Haven dental office to find out whether the symptoms you are experiencing require immediate attention or whether you can come into our office within the next couple of days. When it comes to the health of your smile, it’s better to play it safe—call New Haven Prosthodontics today at (203) 773-1701!

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