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By New Haven Prosthodontics
October 16, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth in a Day  

Are you tired of your damaged, missing, or incomplete smile, but less than excited about the idea of starting a major dental procedure that could take weeks or even months to complete? If so, your beautiful new smile may be closer than you realize. Your local New Haven dentist Dr. Francesco P. Maratta DMD, FACP at New Haven Prosthodontics now offers an exciting procedure called Teeth in a Teeth In a DayDay that allows you to get a set of beautiful dental implants placed in only one day!

Why Would Someone Need Teeth in a Day?

Whether your life is incredibly busy, you have an important event coming up, you simply cannot stand the thought of living with your current smile any longer than you have to, or you want to avoid making several trips to your dentist, Teeth in a Day from Dr. Maratta in New Haven can give you the dental implants you need in a hurry. Have your damaged teeth extracted, your missing teeth restored, and your old tooth replacement option replaced in just one office visit.

What Benefits Does Teeth in a Day Offer?

The biggest benefit of Teeth in a Day offers is the amount of time you will save. No longer do you have to wait weeks or even months for your beautiful smile; you can have it today. You never have to go without teeth or mess with temporary teeth while waiting for your permanent teeth to be created. The recovery time is quick and the process is easy. Plus, the end result looks and feels completely natural. You'll be proud to show off your smile again!

Don't settle for a smile that is embarrassing or less than functional and don't spend weeks or months fixing it either. Call Dr. Maratta, your trusted New Haven dentist, to learn more about Teeth in a Day and if it might be right for you today.

By Dr. Frank Maratta, DMD
February 26, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: New Haven   Teeth in a Day  
Teeth In a Day New HavenAt New Haven Prosthodontics, P.C. we are committed to providing you with the best in quality care.  As specialists in Esthetic, Implant and Comprehensive Dentistry, Dr. Frank Maratta and Dr. David Kusovitsky strive to remain on the cutting edge of dental technology, which is further seen through the availability of teeth in a day at New Haven Prosthodontics, P.C.

Understanding Teeth in a Day

This innovative procedure allows for a complete transition from a mouth full of missing teeth to fixed, non-removable teeth mounted on implants—all in one day.  Dental implant surgery often requires multiple surgical procedures and numerous visits, but with Teeth in a Day at New Haven Prosthodontics, P.C., the process is a lot simpler. 
You will first visit our office for a consultation with our oral surgeon and a CT scan will be completed. A prosthesis is then created, followed by the surgical placement of the implants and the fixed teeth. Typically, a checkup two weeks after your procedure is need, and again several months later when the final bridge is made.
We have found that patients who undergo Teeth in a Day are some of the happiest we treat because they don’t have to go without teeth.  This procedure eliminates the need for removable dentures and any problems associated with it.  With Teeth in a Day you can eat, speak, and enjoy life without the worry of having your teeth move.
As experts in New Haven on Teeth in a Day and other procedures, we are committed to proving excellent care and ensure that the treatment you receive is performed with proficiency, precision and expertise.  With the availability of Teeth in a Day at New Haven Prosthodontics, P.C., we hope to continue to help our patients smile with confidence, even when they are missing teeth.